Lono Wear Sockless Trainers Polar

Lono Wear Sockless Trainers Polar


Simplify your life with a pair of sockless sneakers that is insanely breathable and comfortable. 



The ultra fine structure of tree fibre creates silky smooth finish, making it kinder to the skin than cotton or wool. It is highly absorbent meaning a huge reduction in the formation of bacteria.

  • super breathable

  • unstinkable

  • biodegradable



Don’t misunderstand bombax ceiba with regular cotton, these are the ones from the big tree that grows in tropical Asia. Little do we know how amazing they are!

  • water-resistant

  • weighs only one-eighth as much as cotton

  • supporting as much as 30 times its own weight in water

    Fun fact: we used to make “lifesavers” with them


Color: Polar
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