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Pharamond Life Terra Grip Yoga Mat Forrest Green

Pharamond Life Terra Grip Yoga Mat Forrest Green


Introducing the world’s most grippy yoga mat!


The TerraGrip™ yoga mat is designed for yogis of all levels.

Made from sustainable materials, it features the unique AsanaAlign™ system for improved alignment, and an ultra-grip surface for your best practice yet.

• Ultimate Grip. Extreme grip surface wicks away moisture and offers stability as you move from pose to pose. 

• Challenge Your Body. Our signature AsanaAlign™ system helps you deepen poses, stay in alignment, and push your practice to the next level. 

• Stay Protected. AsanaAlign™ markings make it easy to find your balance and re-align yourself in any pose, preventing possible injury. 

• More Space to Stretch. An extra-long and extra wide surface means you have a more room to move. 

• Earth-Friendly. Say no to toxic materials, heavy metals, or PVC. The TerraGrip™ mat is also anti-microbial, vegan-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Find the confidence to keep your asanas soaring.

Complimentary carrying strap included in every order.


Dimensions - 183cm (72”) x 68cm (27”)
Thickness - Approx 4.4mm
Weight - 2.5kg
Material - Organic rubber and environmentally friendly engineered eco-polyurethane


Color: Forrest green
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