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Sustainable Trainers

LONO is all about maximising the potential and properties of natural organic materials and translating them into shoes with remarkable functionality. LONO stands out because it can provide comfort, convenience and sustainability at the same time, in a way that ditches the greenwashing approach that other brands have taken.

  • Insanely breathable

  • Unstinkable

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Quick-dry

  • Vegan friendly

Sockless trainers made from sustainable materials

LONO Philosophy 

LONO is the Hawaiian deity associated with agriculture, music, and peace, representing life itself without compromises.


Our logo is inspired by the Shaka sign, representing friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity, or just hang loose and enjoy life.

Better Shoes, Better World

LONO is designed to simplify our lives and to appreciate the world around us a little more. A pair of premium sneakers without a premium price tag, while paying the utmost attention to quality and sustainability.


Woman wearing yoga set and sockless trainers

Facts aside, LONO goes well with any outfit.

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