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Dharma Bums was born out the frustration of not being able to purchase ethical and sustainable activewear. And so in 2013 we created a collection of activewear that combined performance with purpose, without compromising on quality or our ethical and sustainable values. Our Australian-based design team consciously craft every product. Our unique, signature designs are all hand drawn and printed on the latest high-tech, sustainable performance fabrics. Everything is designed with a focus on fit and comfort. And because we care about people and their happiness, we work exclusively with Australian and international manufacturers who are committed to ethical work practices. Just as we are passionate about ethics and sustainability, we are inspired by our Dharma Bums community and the positive change we are creating together. We will continue to lead the way in creating performance driven, ethical and sustainable activewear that makes our footprint on the Earth a little lighter. Join us to continue the journey.
Dharma Bums recycled plastic high waist yoga leggings in boho chic print
Dharma Bums High Wasit leggings in floral pattern with black sports bra with padding
Dharma Bums High waist Yoga pants with pattern and racerback sports bra
Dharma Bums activewear doesn’t just look good, it’s a performance enhanced product, specifically designed for movement, comfort and support. We use high-tech sustainable fabrics that are fast drying and breathable and are created to last.
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