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The creation of something new can take us on a journey that we never expected.

It can open doors and open minds; it can ignite passions and build relationships.

That step into the unknown can lead you to places you never knew existed within you.

Pharamond Life has taken that step from conception to creation and we haven’t finished our journey yet.


As London dwellers and City workers, we lived a life that is far removed from that we now live.Just a few short years ago that all changed. My wife was pregnant and attending maternity yoga classes.

Super Grip yoga mat made from eco ffriendly materials with a alignment map
Super Grip Yoga mat from Pharamond Life with alignment system and eco friendly


✅   Instant Improvement in your yoga technique helping you to advance with your practice

✅   Protection Against Injury by allowing you to identify and correct imbalance and misalignment

✅   Self Correction - A visual guide that can be used in any of the asanas you choose for self-correction

✅   Progress Further - Allows you to create a strong and stable foundation to progress further with challenging poses

This inspired something in me as a partner and a father, and yoga became a passion that grew as our child did.

We both recognised that yoga practitioners – especially those who are just starting their journey, needed to understand the sometimes complicated positioning of their hands and feet.


Our AsanaAlign yoga mat was born. Our second child, if you will.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to environmentalism as both an activism and a life philosophy.

This means that our products are sustainable and created using materials that are eco-friendly, but are also carefully sourced from reputable suppliers.

For us, the manifestation of this philosophy is in our tree planting project. Each and every yoga mat we sell is off-set by the planting of a tree. This symbolic gesture highlights our commitment to giving back and is soon to be followed by community-led sustainability projects in many of our global sourcing locations.

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