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Indigo Luna is a small, family run brand ensuring quality, transparency, eco-consciousness and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The name Indigo Luna came to us when we first began experimenting with natural dyes. We fell completely in love with the beauty and complexity of the Indigo plant and the way we could create earthy colours from nature that doesn't have a negative impact on our planet.


This has been a continuing thread throughout our journey, and every decision we make is chosen to benefit the environment and health of the workers over profits. The importance of creating while also leaving behind the smallest footprint we can. Choose well, buy less, make it last.

We are dedicated to thoughtful slow creation. Reducing unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion. 

Indigo Luna Yoga Flares and matching bra top with strappy back detail in yoga pose
Indigo Luna Yoga leggings made from recycled plastic
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