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kiri ™ Daywear Period Nisha Black Panties

kiri ™ Daywear Period Nisha Black Panties


Women deserve sustainable and reliable period care. From first periods to the occasional leakage - kiri ™ will address them all. Our panties can be used and reused.

Wear it, wash it, love it. Then do it all over again.

Product Detail:


5.5 regular tampons / 10 teaspoons / 50 ml

Designed in Hong Kong with Love. Made in China.

User Guide:

Lighter days - Wear the panties on their own! Our panties are designed with extra layers and special fabrics to replace traditional sanitary pads by absorbing your menstrual flow, while keeping you fresh and dry all day long.


Heavier days - Wear the panties as an extra protection from leaks! Pair it with your preferred period care product such as tampons or menstrual cups.


Tip - If it is your first time, a great way to test the waters is to wear it towards the end of your period when your flow is lighter.


Care Guide:

Rinse under cold running water before the machine cold wash on a delicate cycle. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not soak. Do not add softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.


Size Guide: 

If you are between sizes, we recommend going down a size.

Fitting may vary even for articles of the same size.


** Ships directly from Kiri 

** All sales Final

Color: BLACK
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