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Biker shorts vs. Leggings, which do you prefer?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Ah, the age-old debate: Biker shorts vs. Leggings!

It’s a struggle that many of us face when getting dressed in the morning – which one should we choose?

We could go back and forth for hours and still not choose one or the other as the better of the two. Both have pros and cons, depending on your needs and wants for any given day. There are a couple things to look for when deciding between shorts or leggings:

Fabric & Comfort: Depending on what type of fabric you prefer, both shorts and leggings can offer comfort in different ways. We all know how hot and humid it can get here in Hong Kong so shorts might be an easy option, but those dreaded mozzy's on those beautiful hikes and outdoor workout sessions will drive anyone mad. Leggings are a perfect choice if you're worried about the sweaty thigh chafing..... who wants to spend a few days indoors nursing those thighs back to tip top shape before hitting the pool or beach.

Length & Styling Tips: How low do you go, how low do you go? To make things even more difficult shorts and leggings come in all kinds of lengths. You've got the hot shorts, boy shorts, knee length, capri, 7/8's, sneaker lengths, they go on and on. So how do you decide? I'm all about versatility so I try to find looks that I can combine with other outfits and not just workout wear. I love the boy shorts that I can also wear under any sheer dresses or skirts I have or even wear as shapewear. Sneaker Length leggings are perfect lengths for the fall and winter when I can pair them with some boots and not worry about them riding up my ankles.

Price Point : Because we can't forget about budget considerations either - we're all about finding the best deals. Luckily there are is an ocean of choice when it comes to finding affordable, high quality yoga and activewear brands, and if you're really looking to get some brownie points - shop for brands that have a focus on sustainability.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference - whatever makes YOU feel most confident will always make any outfit shine brighter than ever before! So get yourself out there Queen and enjoy the summer season


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