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Benefits of Yoga in Kids

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where you're dealing with kids tantrums, fussiness and full on beast modes and wondered how can I help them manage these emotions? Exercise, it may not be the cure all but I can tell you getting their body moving everyday and exerting that pent up energy can help with managing those out bursts. In particular I find Yoga to be a great all round activity that incorporates mental and physical health. It offers numerous benefits that can be life-changing. Here are just some of the ways yoga can benefit your children:

Mom and Child practicing Yoga in Yogawear

Time to Reset: Yoga helps kids take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by providing them with time to reset and recenter themselves. Imagine the most grueling day at work, co-workers and managers breathing down your neck, or a day of running stressful errands. Dont you just picture coming home to some peace and quiet? Now imagine your kid coming home from a crazy day at school, learning new things, dealing with playground politics and then come home to parents telling them what needs to get done. Our kids also need some reset time when they get home. By practicing some breathing exercises and meditation, they can learn how to relax their minds and reset so they can continue the rest of their day without feeling too overwhelmed.

Incorporate Movement: The physical movements associated with yoga helps increase blood flow throughout the body which aids in increased energy levels while calming both mind and body simultaneously - something all parents wish for! Kids who regularly practice yoga have reported feeling energized after class due to improved circulation which leads us into our next point... Regulating their emotions. Yoga poses help open up the body, loosen up muscles which help release the tensions held in your body. The more open you feel the less your body will hold on to anger, furstration or sadness, and with each breath release it into the universe. With regular practice, kids can gain better control over strong emotions like anger or frustration so they don't become overwhelmed when faced with difficult situations.

Gain Flexibility & Body Awareness : As mentioned above, movement increases flexibility within muscles helping improve posture and gives more awareness to how your body moves and gives you better control of movement. In addition, practicing poses helps build strength through controlled power giving children greater awareness over bodily sensations allowing them feel more connected both mentally & physically - something many adults strive for.

Even as short as starting a 10 min practice with your kids everyday can make it a routine, so let's get crackin' and get our kids movin'


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