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Tips and advice on managing mental wellness

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Who else if feeling like they're juggling a billion balls in the air, waiting for them to drop.........

In a city that is constantly hustling and bustling, how do you stay sane? How much thought and time do you put into your own mental wellness and what do you do to keep sane?

It’s no secret that taking care of your mental health is essential for overall wellbeing. But how can you make sure to stay on top of it? Here are a couple of things I try to incorporate into my life to keep myself feeling fresh, supported and in positive spirits.

Meeting friends or spending quality time with family is a big thing for me, finding that connection with your crew, your workout squad, your spouse & kids is an instant mood booster. Try to surround yourself with those that will inspire you, encourage you and support you.

If you're looking for something that will get that heart pumping to boost your mood then why not invest in some cute activewear to brighten up your spirits. Going to a yoga flow, or strength training sesh is always more fun in cute outfits; look for playful patterns and colors or even unique textures. I dont know about you but it definitely does wonders for my self-esteem when I'm looking great while exercising.

When shopping around, don't forget about the importance of quality fabrics too - opt for sustainable materials where possible so you know what you're buying won't end up harming our planet later down the line. Flow With Me has an amazing line of brands that create on sustainable fabrics like Econyl, Repreve and Amni Soul. Learn more about each one if our past blogs on 'Sustainable Fabrics'. And last but certainly not least: affordability is key when it comes to finding good activewear at prices we can all afford - so why not support small businesses who offer exactly this?


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