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In a never-ending pool of activewear, how do you pick the one for you?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

High waisted leggings, compression leggings, low/ high support sports bras, breatheable fabrics, squat proof the list goes on.... with all these options out there, do you wonder how they benefit our workouts?

What are the benefits of activewear?

Compression fabric designs

What are the benefits of compression fabrics and why do we need it? True compression fabrics have a purpose to increase blood flow circulation to specifically targeted areas worn, it is also known to improve performance and to reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time. Support is a big design element you should look for depending on the type of workout, if you're running you certainly do not want to go for low support, unless you dont mind a bit of a headache after your run (if you know what I mean) and for low impact sports a high support bra isn't always needed if you want to feel more movement and flexibility.

Mermaid pattern bralette with faux leather sleek black yoga high waist leggings
Emily Hsu Designs Yogawear

Choosing quality fabrics for activewear

Have you ever worn yoga leggings or sports bras made from cheap fabrics and toxic dyes and had the worst rash, itchy skin or tightness in the wrong places? I have and it completely distracts you from your workout.

Sweating during workouts can clog your sweat glands making it important to find fabrics that have good wicking properties, which means fabrics that are breatheable, keep you cool and will dry quickly. This is why it's important to invest in pieces made from quality fabrics.

Activewear comes in different fabrics from GOT Organic cotton and non toxic dyes to fabrics made from recycled fabrics like; Econyl ®️, Aumnie Soul. Whatever the fabric you choose keep in mind that it will make a difference and this is usually what shows in the price difference between cheap activewear and quality activewear.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.” ~Unknown

When you look good, you feel good. Studies show that the clothes we wear can trigger or change our mental state. If you're feeling good in your activewear, it's hugging you in the right spots, giving support in the right places; it'll boost your confidence and increase your motivation to work out. "Enclothed cognition illustrates how clothing impacts human cognition based on the co-occurrence of its symbolic meaning and the physical wearing of the attire" Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky

So it's best to invest in good quality pieces of activewear that will make you feel good and look good.


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