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Raise the Barre

From mummy of two to the Barre instructor we go crazy for to qualifying in the World Championship Hyrox Manchester 2023, Fiona Man does it all. I've always been inspired by Fi's commitment to her fitness regime. I was paired up with her at one of my first bootcamp classes and I was intimidated to say the least. She is a beast!! No one can compare to her fitness level and stamina; I felt like I was going to hold her back and slow her down but she was so encouraging and supportive. Staying right by my side she coached me . It's no wonder that she's the most amazing, inspiring and fun Barre instructor out there.

When Fi first introduced Barre to us, most of us had not heard of it before, but she gathered us and offered first free classes so we could try it out.

If you're looking for quick tone and muscle strength, I would highly recommend this class.

When did you first get into fitness?

I have always loved fitness, it’s been apart of my routine since my early teens.

What inspired you to start Barre?

I tried a barre class in New York about 5 years ago and fell in love with the ‘yummy’ muscle burn! It was always hard to attend classes because of the locations so decided to train for my own personal development that then lead to teaching.

What is your daily diet and fitness routine like?

I workout at least 5 days a week and actively move on the other days.

Food is probably my biggest challenge..I generally eat healthy, chicken, fish…a very simple diet actually but love chocolate, cake and desserts. I’m not the best at portion control.My downfall is a buffet! I can’t stop😂

How would you inspire others to take the plunge to start Barre?

The best thing about Barre is how inclusive it is. I always tell my students rest is good during the workout, everyone stops and starts at different stages. The first class might be like “eh OMG” but in a funny kind of yummy pain way😂 it’s also a good class to forget the outside world for an hour and really tune into your body and how it moves. Lots of mind muscle connection that becomes deeper as you practice more.

What is your favourite quote?

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” — Paulo Coelho


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01 de jun. de 2023
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Fiona is inspiring… and looking great in the cool Flow gear

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