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Camel Toe? No thank you

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

How many times have you walked out the door with your cute workout outfit only to realize you have major camel toe????

We spend alot time deciding on the right fit for our sports bras or the best squat-proof leggings, but do we give much thought to what underwear to wear to avoid things like wedgies, VPL's, or chaffing?

I, for one have had numerous mishaps with wearing the wrong underwear under my leggings. There have been countless yoga classes I've spent trying to smooth out really obvious VPL's or trying to unpick that wedgie or had to stop my morning run from awful chaffing. The worst is when your underwear gives you extra muffin top oomph. Luckily high-waist leggings with extra support can help minimise this, with the wide suportive waist it sucks everything in giving you a slimmer, cleaner sillohuete. Thongs of any kind, lacy, cotton, seamless will still give you that ultimate wedgie throughout your entire workout. It's not the greatest feeling having to unpick yourself mid-lunge or squat. Of course with seamless leggings, they can be quote unforgiving with VPL's so if thongs aren't an option, match them with other seamless underwear options like hipsters or briefs. In my opinon leggings with prints, patterns and textures are the most forgiving and allow for most types of underwear to be worn. One option that's always toyed on my mind is to just go completely commando.....but still havent crossed that line yet.

Do you have any funny mishaps you want to share or comment on?

Share your thoughts in the comments for a chance to win a HK$100 cash coupon (offer expires Sept 30, 2022)

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