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Travel Outfits? We've got em'

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

No matter where you're going, these travel outfits will make sure that you look great! Whether it's for a weekend trip or an extended vacation, there are a few things to keep in mind when packing for your trip.

First, consider the weather and bring layers so you can adjust as needed. Second, pack versatile clothes that can be worn multiple ways. While one outfit might look great on its own, mixing and matching pieces allows you more flexibility when packing while still looking chic!

Travel Outfits

Thank God to travel finally opening up and cheers to finally going maskless. I'm sure everyone's calendars are being filled up with lots of holiday plans. A couple of tips when planning your travel outfits. I'm always challenged with how many outfits to pack (generally ends up being way too much), so packing pieces that are versatile and easy to layer up for

High Waist leggings/ Faux Leather leggings

I love the look of faux leather leggings, it can upgrade your outfit instantly (we do want to try and get those upgrades now dont we) pair it with a nice shirt and long cardigan, that can double as a light blanket with some simple jewelry and there you've got a complete outfit that is still comfortable enough to bear those long haul flights, dont feel comfortable the 'leather' look, a simple pair of black leggings will be your best bet.

If you're not into leggings try opting for loose flowing pants. Flow With Me has an amazing and sustainable collection of flares with a roll up waist (that can help cover the bloat after those high sodium airplane meals)

Upgrade the outfit with a soft tank and easy slip on trainers for comfort and style.

Soft tanks are an ideal travel piece because they're compact, lightweight, and easy to pack, (it helps to roll up your clothes - thanks to KonMari for the tip). They can be worn as an undershirt or on their own for added warmth in cold climates. The material is typically breathable so it won't trap heat like some heavier fabrics do when you sweat in them (and who doesn't sweat when they travel?). They're also great for layering under other shirts or jackets if you want extra warmth without adding bulk!

Slip-on, sockless sneakers are another essential piece of gear if you plan on doing any walking around during your trip--they're much easier than tying up laces every time you want to go out (which would probably drive me crazy). Plus these ones from Lono Wear are fantastic for the flight, you can forget about those pesky socks and losing them in between your chair. They also come with a mesh laundry bag to wash the shoes inside when they get dirty.

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