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Dreaded muffin tops.....are high waist leggings the answer

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Want to know a secret? High Waist yoga leggings can help smooth and flatten that muffin top of yours, dont believe me? Shop our high waist leggings and you'll see the difference

Leggings, your best friend and your perfect staple for your wardrobe. Leggings have the versatility to dress up your outfit or be worn casually. An item of clothing that was once reserved just for working out has now become so mainstream in your wardrobe that it even works as shapewear. When I'm wearing my high waisted leggings for day wear, I love to pair them with a neutral colored top or crop top and a loose button down shirt. For workouts the choices are also endless, if I need a confidence boost, I love wearing my colorful bright patterned yoga leggings paired with matching or non matching sports bras. If it's a serious no nonsense workout, I go for neutral solid colored leggings

The beauty of high waisted leggings is their ability to work as shapewear during your workouts and when worn with your everyday outfits. High waist leggings offer great support in your mid section and also keep you cool and comfortable with their moisture wicking properties.

“I truly believe high-waisted leggings are the one of the best things to ever happen to the athletic wear industry.” Melissa Eckman


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