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My favorite Yogi

How lucky are we that we have so many yoga teachers, gurus, mentors to choose from; I have met with so many and experienced different flows and meditations. I hate to pick just one but Fiona Seow with Metta Yoga stands out like the shining star that she is.

My first encounter with Fiona was at her Yoga Wheel Workshop a few years back, I loved that she challenged us without being pushy and offered an unique flow with creative variations of poses. I continued joining her online classes (which is a lifesaver for me - with my kids schedules, school holidays and sick days the flexibility of her online classes and class passes are perfect). Fiona amazingly donates 100% of proceeds from her classes to the Hanuman Charity, an organization supporting the homeless in Hong Kong - what a way to get in your yoga flows and support a worthy cause.

Keep reading to learn more about Fiona:

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How many years have you practiced Yoga?

I tried yoga for first time back in 2007. So almost 16 years now.

What inspired you to first try it?

I was never really into fitness. Had a bad knee since volleyball in my teens, and since then really didn’t really do much sports. But I have always been flexible and had always wanted to try yoga.

What were your worst fears when you taught your first class and how did you overcome them?

Judgement from others, shyness and also just plain stage fright. What if I forget the sequence? My 200 YTT training really helps. Part of the training involves us teaching our fellow teacher trainees poses, and we were supposed to give classes to our teacher trainees. So I started to vocalise more as I practice my own yoga, and eventually with my head into the yoga practice, you stop thinking, and focus on breath and movement. After that I just realised that it comes naturally to me, the sequence, the flow. Trust in yourself :)

What accreditations do you have.

After I completed my 200 hrs YTT. I went and did a 20hr Wheel yoga teacher training with one of my favourite teacher here in Hong Kong. Later on, I decided that I would also go ahead with my 300 hrs YTT too. So I have my full 500 hr YTT

With my teaching hours clocked, I’m a E-RYT200hr, RYT 500hr teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. In addition to that, I have my certification for 40hrs in Yoga Nidra, 40hrs in Restorative Yoga, 40hrs in Yin Yoga and 40hrs in Trauma informed Yoga.

What Inspired your work with Hanuman and the choice to donate 100% of your fees to the org?

When I decided to embark on my 200hr YTT, I knew it was a journey of not just physical but spiritual. When I left my work in postdoctoral research due to my husband’s work which involved us moving around the world. Since then I was involved in volunteering, from helping in animal work (Admin & fostering), working with therapy dogs Singapore (I was the vice president involved in the day to day running of the charity). When I moved to Hong Kong, I got involved with Impact Hong Kong who helps the homeless here in Hong Kong. That was when I decided when I finished my teacher training, I would first do free classes for helpers where I used to live in Tung Chung, and eventually to have ‘paid’ classes and donating all proceed to Impact Hong Kong. Later on, I found out about Hanuman Charity which was just starting off. I love the passion and compassion of the founder, Naveen, so have been helping out since 2021.

Tell me your favourite quote?

'Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible' - Dalai Lamai


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